Stolen domains: and in the possession of Algerian thief

Stolen domain warning

A persistent domain thief has usurped the domains and, offering them for sale privately and in public forums.

The domain was used as the “trojan horse” to access, a premium three letter .com domain. Its legitimate owner, Brel Software Pte Ltd, were notified of the theft only recently; the domains were stolen in 2018.

The cybercriminal offering and for sale has been involved in numerous domain thefts over the years, including that of, an orphaned domain name whose owner has been located. Other activities involve the theft and sale of, that of several other LLL .com and NNN .com domains, and the previously unreported theft of in 2013.

The legitimate owner of and, Jessica Kung, is in the process of reclaiming these stolen domain assets. The thief showed up at NamePros offering to return the domains. His account has been restricted by the forum’s vigilant moderators.

Attorney John Berryhill contacted broker Mark Daniel of Domain Holdings, as was offered for sale there, last week:

I heard from Mark Daniel of Domain Holdings, who was alerted to this thread, but does not have an account at Namepros. Mark was recently approached by someone who claimed to be in the UK and is interested in selling BNN .com. During preliminary discussions and after seeing the questions and information posted here at Namepros, Mark asked this person about the apparent theft, and this person said they would provide Mark with proof of their acquisition of the domain name many years ago. Of course, the domain name was owned until recently by Brel Software, and Mark has not heard back from the purported seller. 

If you are approached to acquire, broker, or otherwise interact with the current registrant of and, keep in mind these domains are stolen.

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  1. My domain was stolen from my registrar and registrar will help me
    I paid $4500 for that domain

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