Warning : Phishing scam using a dot .PRO domain

There is an ongoing phishing scam via SMS, and they are using a dot .PRO domain name.

While there are not many .PRO domains around, this one targets users via a text message related to their banking system, Bank of Montreal, BMO.

We received this from a fellow domain investor in Canada; when visiting bmo.com.account-secure.helppro.pro the following warning appears in Firefox on the desktop:

This is what the fake BMO web site looks like, if one ignores the message or visits through their mobile device:

The scamming web site asks the visitor to enter new details, including a new password and security questions, thus getting full access to the victim’s bank account:

Finally, the scam web site displays a confirmation message, to further establish legitimacy.

This method of phishing can lead to monetary loss, along with loss of access to one’s domain name portfolio.

Never click on email links that warn you of an account issue or other benefit; always log into your account by entering it directly in the browser, or via the official app.

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