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“White hacker” took control of Binance Jersey #domain and gave it back

An alleged “white hacker” took over the domain name of Binance Jersey, a cryptocurrency exchange platform trading in Euro and British Pound.

The company’s domain, Binance.je, is operating under the Jersey ccTLD. Apparently, the hacker took over the company’s Twitter account as well, and from there shared the information:

“I managed to successfully overtake Binance official domain (binance.je) that I could have easily turned into a huge phishing scheme and scam millions. What I decided is not to do that even tho Im in a huge need of money. I hope that community will respect it.”

Jersey is a British Crown dependency located near the coast of Normandy, France, and its ccTLD is dot .JE.

According to sources, the hacking incident involved the act of “social engineering” via which the hacker gained access to the email managing the domain name. That email account is Gmail, which might raise concerns about how exactly that was accomplished; Gmail is considered a multi-layer safety email services provider.

Binance.je domain name was compromised.

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