New trademark application and brand upgrade for Calendso

Calendso, an event and meeting scheduling software company, has changed its brand to Cal and has acquired the matching domain,

The rebranding began in early 2021 along with the domain’s acquisition. The company announced its domain rebranding two days ago:

On this day, 5 months after the first initial launch on Product Hunt, Calendso is rebranding to and launches the first v.1.0 release candidate.

Renaming Calendso to and launching the first release candidate as v.1.0 is likely one of the biggest milestones for us in 2021. Going from (8 letters) down to (3 letters) saves you 62.5% of typing.

Prior to the domain’s sale, was forwarding to 888domains, a domain brokerage company.

Additionally, Cal (Calendso) has applied for the registration of the matching trademark, CAL.COM at the USPTO with an “intent to use” clause for the following services:

Software as a service (SAAS), namely, software for scheduling meetings across calendar applications, synchronizing calendar applications, creating events in calendar applications, and organizing personal, social and business groups and events

Watch the domain rebranding video, with Peer Richelsen, Co-founder and Co-CEO of Cal announcing the move from Calandso to Cal, pointing out the unique qualities of a three letter .com domain such as

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