Domain lawsuit holding other parties’ domains “hostage”

A lawsuit that was filed to reverse a court-mandated domain portfolio auction, has somehow taken over the domains of 3rd parties, who are unrelated to the original dispute.

In an article at Domain Name Wire, the unfolding story mentions some well-known domainers, “including Adam Strong, Nat Cohen, Merlin Kauffman and Andrew Rosener, who either bought domains directly from the auction’s receiver, or now own domains that were sold by the receiver.”

We could locate 11 domain names that are actively managed by Associated Recovery LLC, the company that filed the domain recovery lawsuit.

These domains were somehow taken away from their Registrants and were moved to a Uniregistry account:

It is unclear how they were transferred away from the previous domain Registrar; as they are all .com, we’re assuming that Verisign was served with some type of court order.

Domain law.

Domain law.

The following domains were temporarily in the possession of Associated Recovery LLC, but not any more:

These three domains belong to three separate owners, which presumably filed some type of legal motion and got them back.

It is unclear, at this time, what is the status of the pending lawsuit.

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