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Emmy.CLUB lost in UDRP – Chinese domain owner’s amusing response!


If you register the domain of a personal name and claim it’s about your future daughter, why would you then offer it for sale?

In the case of the domain Emmy.CLUB, the owner offered it for sale for $9,999 dollars.

Meanwhile, the holder of the trademark for EMMY wasn’t emmy-used.

The very Academy of Television Arts & Sciences, filed a UDRP to protect their well-known intellectual property.

Emmy results in Google.

Emmy results in Google.

That’s when the Respondent claimed the following about his registration and intended use of the domain:

“Respondent claims his English name is “Jimmy”, his wife’s English name is “Tammy”, his child’s name is “Amy”, and, therefore, the domain name comprising “Emmy” was chosen by Respondent for family consistency, as it is similar phonetically to “Amy”, and in order to be used in future in respect of a proposed personalized website for Respondent’s daughter.”

The Chinese registrant’s real name is “Dong Rui Xiao” and not “Jimmy.”

He did not provide any supporting evidence for his assertions above.

Sebastian M W Hughes, sole panelist, ordered Emmy.CLUB to be transferred to the Complainant.

For the full text of the UDRP, click here.

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