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Four letter domain Nlke.com lost in UDRP

When you register a domain that looks like a famous trademark due to visual similarities of the letters, at least don’t park it or offer it for sale.

The famous Nike mark is indisputable, along with the assorted “swish.”

The shoe and sports apparel company went after the domain name nlke.com (NLKE.com in all capitals) due to three reasons:

  • The visual similarities between nike and nlke
  • The proximity of the letters N and L on the keyboard
  • The use of parking ads related to Nike products

Googling images for “nlke”.

Furthermore, the Respondent – Recaptured.com – had been advertising that the domain is for sale, straight into the WHOIS.

Charles K. McCotter, sole panelist, found the Respondent – who did not respond – guilty of typosquatting, among other things.

Thus, NLKE.com was ordered to be transferred to Nike, the corporation using the name of the Greek goddess Victory as its trademark.

For the full text of this UDRP decision, click here.

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