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Generic #domains : Cams.com, Liquidation.com, Bumper.com apply for matching #trademarks

The bag of Aeolus opened wide when SCOTUS decided on the Booking.com case.

Since then, several generic domain registrants applied for the registration of trademarks matching the full domain name.

We’ve discussed the cases of Ladder.com & Ladders.com, alongside Beauty.com, and Cruises.com.

Notable applications include Jerky.com and Fetch.com, all while Porn.com is also waiting in line.

Now it’s the turn of Cams.com, Liquidation.com, and Bumper.com in three separate USPTO applications.

SCOTUS – Photo by Anna Sullivan on Unsplash

Cams.com applied for the CAMS.COM mark and the following services:

Entertainment services in the nature of adult-themed shows, both live and as prerecorded non-downloadable audio and video, distributed over the internet

It’s interesting to note that there was a failed attempt at registering the CAMS.COM mark in 2004; it was refused in 2006 as “merely descriptive.”

The application for the LIQUIDATION.COM mark cites first use in 1998, and is targeting the following services:

Marketing of wholesale, surplus and salvage assets: online auction service? business management services, namely, supply chain logistics, reverse logistics and liquidation to goods of others? arranging and conducting auctions? operating on-line marketplaces for sellers and buyers of goods and services? vendor return processing services in the nature of returns management, namely, management of returned merchandise? consulting for as well as organisation and realisation of auctions and public sales? consulting for and negotiation, settlement and execution of contracts regarding purchase and sale of goods as well as rendering of commercial services in the internet and other computer networks? procurement of commercial and industrial contacts via the internet and other computer networks? negotiation and settlement of commercial transactions through e-commerce? online retail store services featuring assets of others? equipment description analysis, namely, analysis of customer descriptions and assist with refinement of the descriptions

The company already has an active trademark registration for a graphic depiction of “Liquidation.com.”

Lastly, the application for the BUMPER.COM trademark involves an “intent to use” filing for the following products and services:

Downloadable mobile application for managing and tracking vehicle history, value and service information, including information on vehicle recalls, maintenance, registration and safety and emission inspections, and obtaining information on recommended vehicle maintenance schedule, service shops, repair estimates and ratings and reviews of service shops


Providing business and commercial information in the field of vehicle history and service records, namely, information on vehicle recalls, maintenance, registration and safety and emission inspections, recommended vehicle maintenance schedules, service shops, repair estimates and ratings and reviews of service shops; and providing information regarding a vehicle’s value based on the vehicle’s history for business and consumer purpose

The race for registrations of trademarks for generic keywords associated with domain names is just warming up.

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