Generic #domains : applied for US #trademark registration

Trending: Companies operating generic domains file for trademark registration at the United States Patent & Trademark Office (USPTO.)

Following the green light by SCOTUS on the case, numerous such applications have been filed, and we keep track of these attempts to expand on the trademark pool.

It seems that the registrants of the domain are looking to trademark the exact term with the TLD: HONEY.COM.

The trademark application was filed by the National Honey Board. It’s a non-corporate board created pursuant to the Honey Packers and Importers Research, Promotion, Consumer Education and Industry Information Order.

What is HONEY.COM going to protect as a trademark?

Honey, of course:

Promoting public awareness of the uses and benefits of honey and honey products through all means of communications; promoting research regarding honeybees, honey production, nutrition qualities, markets, and uses of honey; promoting the interests of honey producers, packers, and importers.

The applicant cites date of first use in 1999. The domain name was registered in 1997.

Does this mean anyone with domains that contain “honey” should be worried?

View this video from NamesCon Online to find out.

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