ICRM.com : Attorney Howard Neu delivered results for Respondent in #UDRP decision

The aged domain ICRM.com was contested via the UDRP process at the European arbitration center for domain disputes (ADDR.eu.)

Attorney Howard Neu represented the Respondent who is a domain name investor. Registered in 1995, the domain’s qualities as a common acronym for “Customer Relationship Management” and age were used to shoot down claims by the Complainant, iEnterprises, Holdings, LLC.

The domain transfer was denied.

The three member panel concluded thus:

However, according to the Panel, the Complainant did not provide sufficient evidence of the reputation of its trademark. Furthermore, the disputed domain name consists of an acronym that is deprived of distinctive character: the ICRM acronym is not unequivocally associated with the Complainant and is subject to a wide range of interpretations and uses. Even the use that the Respondent has made of the disputed domain name does not support a finding of bad faith. As indicated above, the Respondent is not targeting the Complainant or its trademark, the pay-per-click links appearing on the relevant website do not refer to the Complainant or to any of its competitors, the Respondent never approached the Complainant to sell the disputed domain name and when the Complainant tried to purchase it, the Respondent made the counter-offer that it deemed appropriate for the type of domain name the Complaint was trying to acquire.

Consequently, the Panel believes that the Complainant has failed to prove that the disputed domain name had been registered and is being used in bad faith.

Final decision: Deny transfer of the domain ICRM.com to the Complainant.

As a side note, ICRM.com was sold for $8,988 dollars at NameJet in 2018. Source: NameBio.

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