applied for the registration of the matching trademark

Florida based LLC, operators of the domain name, have filed an application to register the matching mark at the USPTO.

According to the application, the mark consists of the phrase “information” in lower case block letters. The first letter “i” is incorporated into an image of a shield. In subscript after the phrase “information” is the phrase “.com”. The phrase “.com” appears in smaller lower case white lettering on top of a black oval.

In other words, it’s not a wordmark but a design with textual elements; the application references the following services:

Providing an interactive website featuring technology that enables users to search public records on the internet in order to verify a person’s background credentials, specifically, a person’s public record information

Registered in 1994, appears to have been listed for sale around 2013 or 2014; at the time, the domain was parked at Uniregistry. By 2017, was in the possession of Elite Domains, a domain portfolio holder that had previously sold its core holdings to GoDaddy. presumably changed hands since. The trademark applicant cites April 2022 as the date of the first use of its mark in commerce, indicating the beginning of the domain’s ownership under the current company.

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