Marlboro + Marijuana domain = UDRP

This type of weed won’t get you in trouble.

Marijuana domains attract many domain investors, and there is substantial evidence that mainstream tobacco companies will be 420-friendly in the future.

Capitalizing on this, some “enterprising” fellow registered, an obvious amalgam of Marlboro and marijuana.

Unfortunately, such blatant trademark use is frowned upon, and the tobacco giant promptly slapped them with a UDRP against the domain.

Registered in 2009, the domain is an obvious tm violation; the Respondent also owns that does not seem to be affected.

Philip Morris USA Inc. is a tobacco colossus and the matter closed pretty quickly, with the domain being ordered to be transferred.

Speaking of Marlboro, a recent decision took away as well and gave it to Philip Morris USA Inc.

Moral of the story: stay away from trademarks, no matter how inventive they seem to be.

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