Weed.com operators (re)apply for the registration of the (almost) matching mark

Graye Ventures, Inc., operators of the super high class domain Weed.com, have applied for the registration of a mark with the USPTO, that contains the domain name.

The mark is WEED.COM…& ENJOY – The mark consists of standard characters, without claim to any particular font style, size, or color.

Registered in 1996, Weed.com has not been reported as sold through the years, per NameBio. It is quite possible that this mega-domain changed hands one or more times throughout its 29 years in existence.

The trademark application was filed with an intent to use clause, for the following services:

  • Online retail store services featuring dried hemp flower for smoking, hemp flower pre-rolled cigarettes, electronic cigarettes infused with hemp oil, electronic cigarette cartridges infused with hemp oil, and hemp-infused cosmetic topical balms and creams; all of the foregoing containing hemp with a delta-9 THC concentration no more than 0.3% on a dry weight basis
  • Providing online health and wellness information about cannabis, hemp, cannabinoids, cannabis strains, and cannabis products.


There’s an interesting twist to the story:

Exactly two years ago, the operators of Weed.com filed for the registration of the exact match trademark, WEED.COM; that application was canceled as they did not provide proof of use to the USPTO in a timely fashion.

Hopefully, this new application will make it on time.

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