Who cut the #Taleggio : Italian protected #cheese organization lost two out of three #UDRP cases

Taleggio is an Italian region producing the taleggio cheese, of protective origin (DOP) per the European regulations.

The organization in charge of the taleggio cheese promotion and protection operates from Taleggio.it and Taleggio.com. The latter forwards to the dot .IT for emphasis on the cheese’s origin!

In 2013, the Taleggio organization contacted the owner of the matching .org domain, Taleggio.org after filing a UDRP. The Respondent agreed to transfer the domain and the UDRP was cancelled.

Fast forward to 2016, the organization contacted the same registrant, who operated Taleggio.net and Taleggio.eu. The registrant refused to transfer the .net as it’s being used for general information about the Taleggio region in Italy.

In two separate UDRP cases filed in April, the decisions for Taleggio.net and Taleggio.eu favored the Respondent, who stated that not only he transferred the .org in good faith, but the Complainant does not utilize it. He also stated that the registration of the domains predate the registration of the TALEGGIO mark in 2015.

Link to the decision for Taleggio.net and for Taleggio.eu, translated into English from the original Italian text.

The domain transfer was denied.

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