Domain Name Jargon : Drop Catching

Catch me if you can - a movie many domainers appreciate.

Catch me if you can – Most domains don’t get deleted.

If you made it to the Cabana Networking session at TRAFFIC, kudos to you!

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By following this instructional course, you are witnessing history in the making, as we get one step closer to our mission: (re)define domaining!

Drop Catching (a domain name) : Were you ever told that expired domains go through a 45 day process, at the end of which they drop and become available for everyone to register?

You were lied to – by ICANN, no less.

Expired domains of even questionable quality don’t drop these days; they become digital food in the claws of various drop catching services, such as SnapNames, Pool, GoDaddy and others.

Some drop catching services even send out a barrage of spam emails before a domain drops, in order to reel in potential victims for a “no holds barred” domain auction.

If you receive such emails for domains that you’re interested in, do not reply; most likely the domain will be allowed to be deleted due to lack of interest.

Drop catching is a lucrative business that allows domain registrars to recycle junk, mediocre and otherwise useless domain names at prices higher than the original Network Solutions registration fees.

Example: “I’m thinking about putting a bid to drop catch when its owner gives up hope of selling it after 13 years of non-use!”

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