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ICANN 49 will take place in lavish Singapore.

ICANN 49 will take place in lavish Singapore.

It’s Friday, and it’s time to get real.

If you don’t know the basics of domaining, don’t just go in a dark corner and sob uncontrollably – we are here to (re)define domaining by helping you get the education you deserve.

The Domain Name Jargon series is free for the domainer masses, so that you can build confidence while sipping your Bacardi rum at the TRAFFIC Cabana Networking party.

ICANN (acronym) : Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers, a non-profit organization with enough cash reserves to be included in the Fortune 500 or launch its own emirate.

While cash reserves were under $10 million dollars at the end of 2006, today ICANN sits on a stock-pile of almost $350 million dollars, primarily due to the gTLD expansion, albeit temporarily.

Often considered to be the driving force behind technological innovation on the Internet, ICANN members are invited to participate in multi-annual conferences that take place in exotic destinations. The choice of such resorts has earned ICANN the nickname “Club Med” of domaining.

ICANN forums are considered by some domain investors to be the best public place to hide Jimmy Hoffa’s body, as discussions related to pending industry regulations are rarely seen by the public – if it weren’t for the efforts of Canadian domain investor and financial expert, George Kirikos.

Example: “Are you an ICANN, or an ICANN’t?”

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