Name Jargon: Reverse Domain Name Hijacking #0004

Reverse Domain Name Hijacking trophy.

Reverse Domain Name Hijacking trophy.

We continue our trip down the dangerous paths of domain terminology.

Our mission: to (re)define domaining, as every single dictionary and encyclopaedia gives wrong information, making it hard on newbie domainers to make a living.

Fear not, for we are here! ๐Ÿ˜€

Domain Name Jargon provides the ultimate definition tool for the beginner, intermediate, advanced, expert and god-like domainer!

Reverse Domain Name Hijacking: (acronym) A lengthier way to write “RDNH”.

The ultimate trophy for a Respondent in a UDRP, where the Complainant’s attempts to take control of the domain are annihilated.

Often linked to premium domain name cases, a finding of reverse domain name hijacking is the result of bad research, by inexperienced lawyers from Brazil, bearing the last name “Chaves.”

Nowadays, the cases of reverse domain name hijacking are treated with the equivalent of public crucifixion: they are published at the Domain King’s repository of UDRP decisions.

Example: “I cannot believe what that stupid lawyer in the case thought he was doing. Even the Brazilian panelist gave the case a RDNH finding!”

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