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10 Domainer misconceptions: The truth versus the myth!

Domain investors often border on the mythical edge of folklore, with amazing stories surrounding them; that’s the byproduct of online versus real life.

Plenty of domainers are recognized for their aggressive business acumen, but that doesn’t mean they are mean hairy creatures with sharp teeth – unless of course one believes there is Internet access inside caves.

Be an instant domainer.

Domainers: they are often misunderstood.

Here are 10 Domainer Myths we are debunking today, presenting the truth instead:

  1. Myth: Frank Schilling rides horses and he’s currently on a “high horse”.
    Fact: Frank is one of the most approachable and down to earth entrepreneurs, open to discussing business with everyone who has an IQ of at least 100.
  2. Myth: Rick Schwartz lives a lavish lifestyle in a 12-room mansion as a Domain King, treating his servants like minions.
    Fact: Rick is a great guy that despises luxury and flamboyancy; he possesses a lot of compassion and understanding.
  3. Myth: Francois Carrillo is a mean, crazy French man with a heated passion against stupid Americans and enjoys controlling domain bloggers.
    Fact: Francois is a good family man and a smart entrepreneur, who discovers most of his ‘quirky’ ideas while taking a morning shower.
  4. Myth: Elliot Silver is a secretive domain investor, with a bad taste for logos, that won’t share how much he spent on acquiring DomainInvesting.com.
    Fact: Elliot is a smart domainer, very focused on his successful business and often shares valuable information with the public about how he closes domain deals.
  5. Myth: Tia Wood is male, just because she never shows up at domain conferences.
    Fact: Tia is 100% female, and very much so; being focused on development versus domaining doesn’t require much socializing with the domainer crowd.
  6. Myth: Ron Jackson is paid to attend every domain conference, and he’s paid to write positive articles about these events.
    Fact: Ron buys his own tickets and as a true reporter and a media guy he’s objective and accurate with his writings.
  7. Myth: Shane Cultra only cares about two things: domains and marathons.
    Fact: Shane enjoys a wide variety of social activities, games, light gambling in Vegas, and he’s a very dedicated business owner who works hard, day in, day out. He also has a long-standing crush for Gwen Stefani.
  8. Myth: Morgan Linton only wears Fashion Metric clothes, and shoots the shit with Mark Cuban every single weekend.
    Fact: Morgan wears regular clothes like the rest of us, and promotes his men’s fashion line at social gatherings; while Mark Cuban is an investor, such social proximity is a no-no in the start-up world.
  9. Myth: Kevin Murphy is an active domain investor, with 25,000 domain names in his portfolio and a great-nephew of the late Margaret Thatcher.
    Fact: Kevin owns only a handful of domains – albeit, a hand that’s been severed by the Yakuza – and he’s a reporter by profession, making him impervious to any sneaky advertisers that want to hype up their domain offerings.
  10. Myth: Father Domainicus is a real pastor with a kink for hugging strangers; he’s full of double entendres and sexual puns, hinting of a Catholic priest’s behavior.
    Fact: Father Domainicus is a fictional persona, utilized to disperse caustic humor about the domain industry and its people. He preaches unity versus division and his attempts at religious hubris are meant to stimulate people’s thoughts; he would be burnt at the stake during the Inquisition era.
This post is 100% true!

This post is 100% true!

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9 Responses to “10 Domainer misconceptions: The truth versus the myth!”
  1. Mike says:

    This post just prove how small is real domaining community.

  2. Shane says:

    I also love plants and Andy Booth

  3. DomainGang says:

    Mike – Tell us a bit about yourself then. I’d like to feature you as a domainer.

    Tia – I will keep my mouth shut for now 😛

    Shane – Andy’s taken, next mancrush please!

  4. Shane says:

    You couldn’t be more right. We think 600 people is a HUGE event. And I like it that way, more for me

  5. DomainGang says:

    Shane – Compare to 5,000 for Affiliate Summit West and you can see how the numbers will change in the future, all thanks to an explosive growth of brands and gTLDs.

  6. Jerieth says:

    Nice!I found this quite humorous. It would be nice to meet one of these people someday.

    p.s. Also Mark Cuban invests and meets with a lot of people.


    – Jerieth

  7. carledgar says:

    Domain writers love run-on sentences and eschew the personal pronoun!

  8. DomainGang says:

    caredgar – Well, some are also members of the Grammar SS.

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