10 key differences between #NamesCon and #NamesConOnline

Newcomers to the online version of NamesCon definitely appreciated NamesCon Online today.

Attending a virtual conference that’s well organized, feature-packed and problem free is an indication of commitment by the event’s organizers to its success.

And yet, the two versions differ quite a bit, so let’s look at 10 key differences we could find comparing NamesCon Online – the domain cyberconference – to NamesCon – the in-person domain conference:

  • There are complimentary donuts, coffee, and water at NamesCon; at NamesCon Online you have to get off your butt, get in your car, and drive off to the nearest Dunkin Donuts.
  • At NamesCon you have to bring along a 500 pack of business cards. At NamesCon Online you just have to set up your attendee profile with a smiling photo, and greet others in the chat. What’s up…
  • If you drink a couple of beers (or six) with lunch during NamesCon Online, you can pass out on your own couch. At NamesCon, bar security will drop you off on the nearest sidewalk.
  • During NamesCon Online the online sessions take place with “on the minute” precision. During NamesCon, you might enter the room while they are still airing out someone’s choice of beefy bean burrito, 20 minutes later.
  • After NamesCon sessions end for the day, you are definitely grabbing someone to go eat dinner with. At NamesCon Online, you put some pants on and open the fridge.
  • For NamesCon Online, you need a computer with a camera and microphone, Internet access, and to lock up Fido in the bathroom. For NamesCon, you need to get down from your hotel room and just manspread in the first available seat.
  • You can punch someone at NamesCon, if necessary. At NamesCon Online, the satisfaction of such physical response is impossible.
  • At NamesCon Online you don’t have to wear a mask, keep social distancing, or disclose your Covid-19 status. At NamesCon – let’s not get there.
  • During NamesCon Online, everything you type or say in the chat is recorded and saved forever. At NamesCon, nobody recalls your bad dance moves past that epic Uniregistry party.
  • Lastly, once NamesCon is over, you have to take a car or a plane back to your home. At NamesCon Online you unlock Fido from the bathroom and go outside to get the mail.

Enjoy Day #2 of NamesCon Online tomorrow! 😀

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