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10 reasons why you shouldn’t go to NamesCon 2017

Richard Lau, founder of NamesCon.

Richard Lau, founder of NamesCon. He’s TOO nice.

It might sound counter-intuitive, but I don’t want you to attend NamesCon 2017.

Shocked? So am I.

In fact, I’d rather you sat in your comfy office chair the whole time that NamesCon takes place, between January 22-25, 2017.

That’s right, you are not needed there, and here are 10 reasons why you shouldn’t be at NamesCon 2017.

  1. It’s in Las Vegas, a city that has way too many things to do and see. Who wants to be confused with too many options? Forget it, Lost Springs, Wyoming offers no such problems.
  2. NamesCon 2017 takes place in January. Why can’t it be in February, or December? Many people just don’t like January as a month. They are called manic-depressive.
  3. Way too many domainer professionals attending. Can you imagine breathing the air shared by 1,400 domainers (expected number) and having to shake hands with each and every one? Not to mention, make eye contact with strangers? Ugh.
  4. The after-parties, are far too fun and alcohol is mostly free. One might drink a lot, and sell a domain worth $100k for one hundred bucks. Better not take that risk!
  5. Richard Lau, co-founder, will be there, behind the scenes, day after day, making sure things go smoothly. That’s just creepy, if you have anxiety attacks about being watched. Who needs that type of stress?
  6. Many domainers are posting rave reviews about three years of NamesCon conferences. Surely that’s just the opposite, all those posts must be paid promotions. I bet only 7 people actually attended each year, the photos were Photoshopped.
  7. Industry expos are boring. You’re given a bag and try to fill it with tons of freebies, t-shirts, mugs, stickers, USB fobs, Uniregistry hand lotion, and a lot of other junk you can’t get through US customs. Why be frisked at the airport? Why pull a muscle carrying all that stuff around? Time to stay home instead.
  8. Too many friendly women around. As you already know, the domain industry is mostly dudes, so where are those domainer females coming from? They must be hired from Affiliate Summit. Or they’re dudes in drag. Don’t risk it.
  9. Tickets are too cheap. When TRAFFIC cost $1,500 dollars plus sales tax to get in, something is fishy with this $299 pricing model. It must be a scam.
  10. Could not think of another reason not to attend NamesCon 2017 in Las Vegas. I’m sure there is one, just as important as the previous 9 ones.

Whatever you do, don’t click here to register for NamesCon 2017. Just leave the $299 special to someone else, not as smart as you.

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