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10 years ago : Almost a million Registerfly customers moved to GoDaddy


Oh, how time flies, and in the case of Registerfly it stinks too.

May 29th marked the 10th year anniversary of a mass exodus of Registerfly customers to GoDaddy, as the defunct ICANN-accredited registrar faced legal problems.

After months of not paying customers renewals to a variety of domain registries, Registerfly agreed to move these accounts to GoDaddy, which solidified its customer base.

Here’s the full press release by GoDaddy, 10 years ago:

850,000+ Web site Names in RegisterFly Portfolio to Be Moved to GoDaddy.com

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. (May 29, 2007) – GoDaddy.com®, the world’s leading domain name registrar, has reached an agreement with RegisterFly® and ICANN® to transfer over RegisterFly’s portfolio of Web site names to GoDaddy.com. The move will help resolve problems involving hundreds of thousands of domain names around the world.

RegisterFly customers have been affected by recent problems and the impending loss of RegisterFly’s accreditation as a domain name registrar. GoDaddy.com will notify RegisterFly customers of the switch and automatically move their domains for them. Customers can get support and answers to any questions they have at a dedicated GoDaddy.com hot line and a designated “welcome” Web page. Once the switch is complete, more than 850,000 domain names will have been moved.

“We worked with ICANN to effect a migration of the RegisterFly domains to GoDaddy.com and help those customers left in limbo,” said GoDaddy.com CEO and Founder Bob Parsons, widely considered an industry watchdog. “It’s what many RegisterFly customers asked us to do. After they are moved over to GoDaddy.com, all RegisterFly customers will once again be able to manage and renew their domain names with confidence and will also enjoy the world-class support we provide all our customers. We expect the move to be completed over the next week.”

“The RegisterFly situation has been extremely difficult – first and foremost for registrants, as well as for the entire registry and registrar community ,” said Dr. Paul Twomey, president and CEO of the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN), the nonprofit company responsible for global coordination of the Internet’s system of unique identifiers like domain names and the addresses used to help computers reach each other over the Internet. “The GoDaddy.com agreement is the best possible solution for RegisterFly customers since it’s a direct and automatic transfer to a competent and experienced customer service oriented organization.”

Those who still go to the RegisterFly Web site will be directed to Go Daddy.com for managing and renewing their domain names. However, some RegisterFly customers had chosen to move their domain names to GoDaddy.com even before this deal.

“After I had some issues with my domain names, I decided to transfer over to GoDaddy.com,” said Sean Gallagher, CEO of Web design company ATLWebSite.com and former RegisterFly customer. “The customer service I receive is exceptional. I have a lot of clients relying on me, and because GoDaddy.com is a safe, reliable and friendly registrar, I don’t have any problems.”

GoDaddy.com is the world’s largest domain name registrar with more than 20 million domain names already in its portfolio before this move. More than 4 million customers rely on GoDaddy.com for domain name registration, Web site hosting, SSL certificates ensuring Web site security and related products.

GoDaddy.com is working with the generic top-level domain registries, such as dot com and dot info, now holding RegisterFly names to make sure the transfer goes smoothly. New GoDaddy.com customers with questions can call a 24-hour dedicated hot line at (480) 366-3500. They can also get more information and answers at http://www.godaddy.com/welcomeregisterfly.

Thanks to Dale for the memories. 😀

The domain Registerfly.com was eventually dropped, and was caught and auctioned off in 2012 on NameJet, where it sold for $1,950 dollars.

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One Response to “10 years ago : Almost a million Registerfly customers moved to GoDaddy”
  1. Diana Ward says:

    I was a registerfly refugee, but moved my surviving domains to several other registrars, (including godaddy). I would up moving all my domains and all ensuing domains to the best registrar I found, and I am still there. The winner? Namecheap.com! The best prices, support, and reliability I ever found, among many registrars!

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