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101Domain: Reset your passwords due to the ‘Heartbleed bug’

The Heartbleed incident is becoming a pain in the butt for many service providers, that have updated their SSL certificates, patched their servers and are now scrambling to have their users change their passwords.

In the domain universe, Dynadot asked its users to change their passwords; now it’s the time of 101Domain.


In an email that comes complete with screenshots about how to reset the password, 101Domain stated:

“101domain is very confident that, due to the nature of the vulnerability, none of our client accounts have been compromised. We immediately took the steps required to fix the vulnerability across our global network. However, again due to the nature of the vulnerability, we cannot confirm nor deny this fact with absolute certainty. In light of 101domain’s security-first focus, using modular access and strict verification processes, and after rigorous analysis and testing, we have determined that although there may be only a very slight chance that anyone has gotten even as much as your login and password, that would be at the extreme end of your exposure. Considering all this, and as a generally good thing to do, 101domain recommends that you log into your 101domain account and change your password as soon as feasibly possible.”

In other words, 101Domain is taking the initiative to alert its users even though there has not been a “code red” incident; the reason might be related to the unsavory practice of many to share the same password across different services.

The email from 101Domain ends thus:

“101domain remains committed to the security of all of your personal information and domain names, and would just like to re-iterate that it’s at times like this when all of the effort and focus we spend on the security of your information and accounts pays off in dividends.”

This post is 100% true!

This post is 100% true!

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One Response to “101Domain: Reset your passwords due to the ‘Heartbleed bug’”
  1. HowieCrosby says:

    I think it would be quite reassuring if someone knew my passwords! cause I have no idea!

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