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2011 – The year of Frank Schilling

MMXI - or 2011 in Latin - is proof of Frank Schilling's dominance in the new year.

We never get tired writing about uber-domainer Frank Schilling or his numerous domains, some of which are true gems. Who would have thought, that Frank’s company owns Pastitsio.com (my favorite Greek pasta dish) along with a cornucopia of other food domains?

Or that Frank holds the key to HIV Cure all while he owns an Invisible Monkey ?

Admittedly, some of these domains might fall in what Rick Schwartz likes to call “pigeonsh*t” but who are we to judge the almighty Frank?

Fear not, Frank’s got it all planned ahead several years in advance. It’s not a coincidence, for example, that MMXI.com is owned by Frank Schilling. What is MMXI ?

MMXI is 2011 in Latin numerals, that’s what it is!

So there you have it, 2011 will be Frank’s year – it’s all written in the 2011 DomainGang Almanac! 😀

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