3D Domains already a Fad – Here comes the next Killer App!

4D Domains are the next big thing, mark our word!!!

Domainers are strange creatures: they like to re-invent technologies that existed for decades.

For example, the current craze about “3D domains” is getting out of control, with strange keyword combinations prefixed by “3D”.

If you don’t believe us, check out 3DUnderwear.com on DomainTools.

“Some schmuck found it prudent to register any keyword under the sun and tag ‘3D’ to it, how uncool”, said Barry Folgerson a games developer from California. “Sure, I understand if you register domains like 3Dgames.com or 3DTV.com but 3DUnderwear? WTF is that?”, he exclaimed while finishing off a Starbucks frappuccino.

The next wave is already here, however.

On Friday, the new technology show in Los Angeles – the “Technonomikon” – opens its gates to thousands of people that will preview the latest technological advancements, among which is the spanking new “4D” experience.

“I knew the 3D fad would not last long”, said Marsha Pot, a computer designer and domainer from Philadelphia. “I mean, hello??? Why register domains that are tied up to dimensions? So now there are new gadgets and games coming out from Apple and Electronic Arts and 4D will soon be the next big thing! Hello???”, she added while chewing some gum.

We’re not sure when exactly the new implementation of 4D will hit domainers, however it’s very likely that during Domainfest a lot of such 4D domains will be auctioned off on Moniker’s live auction.

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