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48 Hours of Flippa Freedom : Buy one, get one free!

Flippa is turning 6 soon.

Flippa is turning 6 soon.

Flippa is celebrating 6 years as a platform for selling and buying domains, web sites and apps.

Apparently, once you turn six you lose one or two ‘screws’ and go completely mad, otherwise we cannot explain the decision by Flippa officials to declare the next 48 hours a “buy one, get one free” period.

What the…?!

Here’s how this madness apparently works:

  • Spend $19 for a regular listing, get 19 credits back so your next listing is free.
  • Upgrade a listing for $90, get an upgrade extra – that’s an $180 value.
  • Or, go for a premium listing by spending $250 for your premium domain, and get a cool free premium listing, thus doubling your dollars.

Only catch is, that the offer expires on June 4th, 2015, at the last stroke before midnight Pacific Time. Read the details right here, if you don’t believe us.

Incidentally, that’s not really the Flippa logo above, but with the 6th anniversary coming up, it looks really cool. 😀

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