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8 Little known businesses of Great Domainers!


Ever wondered what type of products or services great domainers would create, provide or endorse?

While most of us perceive domaining to be a full-time business, the truth is that it touches on several other industries.

Without further ado, here are 8 real life businesses that could be fitting for these great domainers below! ๐Ÿ˜€

adam-bizAdam Dicker’s Canadian Maple Syrup
Produced by the finest maple trees in Canada, Adam Dicker’s Own is a great product. Spread it on bread, or eat it on waffles, this Canadian maple syrup is one of a kind.


howard-bizHoward Neu’s Chicken Nueggets

Nobody knows nue-trition better than Howard Neu, and these world famous chicken Nueggets provide 100% protein, vitamins and minerals to get you going.


mike-bizMichael Berkens’s Memorabilia & Collectibles Emporium

From baseball cards to comic books to Faberge eggs, Mike Berkens brings the best memorabilia to Florida collectors. If it has at least 30,000 monthly searches in Google, Mike has it!


mmann-bizMike Mann’s Bring Back the 80’s Music Store

A long term enthusiast and fan of the Cure, Madness, Spandau Ballet and Morrisey, Mike Mann invites you at his vinyl record store for some great deals on 45s and LPs. Cash only.


frank-bizFrank Schilling’s Exotic Cars Garage & Repair Shop

If your car’s wheels are worth $30k and up, Frank’s specialized garage for improving and supercharging cars is the place to go. Free ferry from Florida to the Caymans included for every Ferrari under management.


rick-bizRick Schwartz’s King’s Sweet Candy Shop

Nobody knows candy better than the Domain King, and King’s Sweet Candy in Southern Florida is remarkably European, with an outdoor gazebo to enjoy your favorite candy or chocolates straight from the source.


francois-bizFrancois Carrillo’s Buonaparte Boulangerie-Pรขtisserie

Nobody knows bread and cakes better than the French, and this remarkable shop in downtown Paris offers a wide variety of Napoleon shortbread, Marie Antoinette cake and the specially made Pomme Frites a la Francois. Tres exquisite.


ammar-bizAmmar Kubba’s Bikinis and Briefs Surfer Shop

Known for his affiliation to the California beach surfer scene, Ammar Kubba was a long haired surfer dude in his 20’s. The Bikinis and Briefs surfer shop offers a wide variety of swimwear, surf wax and surfboards, and its tanning salon is the best facility on Venice Beach.

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3 Responses to “8 Little known businesses of Great Domainers!”
  1. Hi There, Would someone please tell Rick Schwartz, that I own KingsCandy.com I also plan on building a candy store. ( someday) It is a great domain name~ I cannot wait to create it, someday~

  2. Makis says:

    What about Acro?

    He could be a taverna owner selling greek souvlaki with special tzatziki sauce all over it.

  3. DomainGang says:

    Makis – Already covered here ๐Ÿ˜€

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