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8 reasons why Domaining is like IKEA


IKEA is an LLLL word.

Ah, it’s finally Phriday!

For those of you that slave away in some cubicle, or get a red neck from working hard in the fields – no worries: the weekend is here.

We thought about domaining and how much it seems to resemble the furniture store, IKEA.

Enjoy these 8 similarities we could point out! 😀

  • IKEA is a four letter word. A lot of domainers can’t afford three letter .com domains, so they rave about their LLLL .com’s instead.
  • The IKEA product names resemble the “gems” owned by part-time domainers: BJURSTA, HEDERLIG, KNOPPA and other such pigeon sh*t.
  • You can spend $8.99 on Swedish meatballs and a drink at IKEA, or buy a domain at GoDaddy.
  • Swedish domainers are a rare species, just like the number of Swedes that actually buy IKEA furniture.
  • Both IKEA and ICANNT formed in the 1940’s.
  • Sweden is a kingdom; thus, Rick Schwartz’s “Domain King ™” title has a lot of footprint in Sweden, where IKEA is headquartered.
  • Some domain portfolios match the quality of the IKEA catalog: colorful, confusing, overpriced.
  • Buying furniture at IKEA or registering domains, can be a shocking experience the first time around, but one soon gets hooked.

Here’s a funny video about IKEA products – have a great Phriday! 😀


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3 Responses to “8 reasons why Domaining is like IKEA”
  1. Mike at Domainaddress.info says:

    Making a domain into a whole working website is like trying to asseble IKEA furnitures from scratch..

  2. BullS says:

    How do Swedish “meatballs” taste like compare to camel balls?

    How can a Swedish company sell teak tables when they are from Thailand?

    What does IKEA really stand for?

    Again, I prefer value village and 99cent store for my soft tasty juicy meatBalls!!

  3. GiftedDomains says:

    You forgot one of the most important similarities between Ikea and domaining.
    Once you enter an Ikea store, you are trapped and its not possible to return and exit. They force you to walk that one way path all the way through the whole store until you bought all the shit you don’t need and checkout.

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