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9P.com update: Bodis pulls the plug on stolen domain’s parking revenue

Chinese domain thieves stole the domain 9P.com, moving it away from GoDaddy and to registrar Ename.

In order to exploit its apparent massive traffic related to playing online games, they parked it at PPC traffic monetization company Bodis.

After the legitimate owner of the domain contacted us to report the domain theft, we reached out to Bodis about the parking issue.

As of last night, no ads are showing on 9P.com as one can see by visiting the domain:


This is a great service and response from Bodis, that obviously has in its possession some important financial data about who the thieves are.

We will update this post once there is news about the currently stolen domain name, 9P.com.

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2 Responses to “9P.com update: Bodis pulls the plug on stolen domain’s parking revenue”
  1. Rod.Tv says:

    Well Done Matt !

  2. Domain Observer says:

    You are doing good jobs for domainers. Thanks a lot.

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