A few Kim Kardashian jokes to share during Webfest

The decision to spin Kim Kardashian as the ‘keynote speaker’ of Webfest Global, came as a shock to many – that now wish Oversee had kept the conference low key and maintained the good old “DomainFest” name.

However, Kim Kardashian might prove to be an interesting personality, despite her current pregnancy status.

The focus of Webfest Global 2013

The focus of Webfest Global 2013

Which takes us to a series of admittedly *bad* jokes: 😀

  • What’s bulging back and front and eats for two at the Webfest buffet? Kim ‘Pregger‘ Kardashian.
  • What’s shorter than the Webfest conference ? Kim’s marriage.
  • Succumbing to outrage from domainers, Webfest decided to remove Kim Kardashian as the keynote speaker. They brought in Khloe Kardashian instead.
  • Kim Kardashian: The first keynote speaker at Webfest to be applauded while facing the opposite way at the podium.
  • How big is Kim Kardashian’s butt? You’d have to go to Webfest to find out! 😀

How about some better jokes of your own?

This post is 100% true!

This post is 100% true!

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