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A Mann with a #GoDaddy plan : Give me all your #domains!

Domain entrepreneur, Mike Mann.

It’s not a secret that domain investor and entrepreneur, Mike Mann, doesn’t like the GoDaddy app valuations.

No software can override Mike Mann’s gut feeling on a domain name’s worth, and Mike has called the GoDaddy app a “scambot.”

How does the uber-busy entrepreneur deduce that?

By providing proof of sales, of course. Mike Mann’s recent sale of the domain Aptum.com for $94,888 dollars was given a paltry $4,000 valuation by the GoDaddy app.

Said Mike:

“Godad appraisal of aptum.com $4000; how can they appraise 2M names they own? No way!”

So what is Mike Mann prepared to do for GoDaddy and the domains managed by the biggest domain registrar in the world?

He wants GoDaddy to hand them over, so that he can delete the bad ones and sell the rest with a huge ROI and a reasonable commission.

Crazy? We think not. Mike Mann is a man with a proven domain plan.

“Godaddy should give me their whole premium .Com domain collection for free so I can delete the garbage for them, and sell the rest for ten times what they could; they can keep 25% and have no more overhead from hell !! This is definitely best for their public shareholders.”

Mike Mann’s success is funneled through his “outside the box” thinking. This plan might work! πŸ˜€

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One Response to “A Mann with a #GoDaddy plan : Give me all your #domains!”
  1. Just what IS GoDaddy trying to achieve with the automated appraisal? All the top domainers know it’s BS. Even a hindrance to real domainers.

    They are appeasing the deluded masses with a false sense of value for their WORTHLESS domains. GoDaddy being greedy domaining terrorists! The whole thing stinks. How long will it take for the average domainer to understand? Oh…probably never!

    Right? They only HOPE many noobs go on a ‘buying spree’ based on the valuations GoDaddy is giving them! I’m afraid GoDaddy and Mickey Mouse domainer will NEVER come around…Everyone needs to please trash this stupidity at every turn – otherwise, you’re only giving them a pass to hold you back! I’m serious, you smart guys…people are dumb! They BELIEVE this automated appraisal crap and it’s going to harm domaining in the long run, badly. You know it’s BS – no pass!

    I DO like this idea though 10x is a little ambitious. Maybe 5x and give them 50%. That’d be easier to explain to their shareholders.

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