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A shorter bus : ShareTheBus becomes Bus.com


Bus charter company, ShareTheBus acquired the domain Bus.com, for an unspecified amount.

The domain rebranding comes on the heels of a $5 million, series A funding that the company secured.

The Bus.com business model includes online rental, online ticketing, and GPS tracking of buses so that passengers know exactly when they’re arriving at their destination.

Bus.com team – Photo courtesy Bus.com.

Bus.com announced the news a few hours ago:

“When we started Sharethebus, we were set on increasing ridesharing on buses. We’ve accomplished that, and so much more. It began with festivals and then rapidly grew to include bus rides across North America to athletic events, collegiate competitions, and political rallies to name a few. We moved over 160,000 people – many of which were rideshares, but a large percentage were full bus transportation organized by our event partners.

That was our turning point.

As our company expanded, we’ve outgrown what the name Sharethebus implies. Our rebrand comes at a time where our goals have grown to include not only the needs of riders, but those of event organizers and bus partners as well.”

Bus.com will now be busy changing their brand all over the place!

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4 Responses to “A shorter bus : ShareTheBus becomes Bus.com”
  1. Mike says:

    there is someone that knows which company bought shorter domain to rebrainding?

  2. This is the type of post I like to read about when a company goes after their brand the right way.

    Congrats to Bus Charter!

  3. rashed says:

    I own busbooking.com and ubus.com

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