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A strange thing happened at Flippa the other day


Flippa.com has been in the domainer limelight recently, due to the notoriety of turning a deaf ear to removing listings of trademark domains.

However, something new popped up that might change the way that most domainers review live domain listings for sale.

At Flippa, a listing contains a link to the domain or web site for sale – in our case PSDToWebsite.net [Note: click on the domain link at your own risk.]

Upon visiting the web site, our antivirus software displayed an alert that the web site is infected with some type of trojan.

Checking further with DomainTools, we noted that several other web sites on the same server (21 total) were also infected by the same type of malware.

Reporting the auction to Flippa support returned nothing. Two hours later, the alert went away and only one web site continued to appear infected. All web sites are hosted in Palestine.

While this is not a Flippa-specific fault, it’s definitely an alarming incident that domainers need to be aware of. Install a quality antivirus software and keep your OS up to date.


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3 Responses to “A strange thing happened at Flippa the other day”
  1. BullS says:

    You should be awarded the Nobel prize of Domains- for keeping us safe and sound.

    Thank you.

    I always sleep like a pig nites and days knowing you watching over me.

    -can you please scratch my back …..

  2. Lucius "Gunz" Fabrice says:

    BullS – Remember back when Bullshitwebsites.com was infected? 😉

  3. BullS says:


    warning warning warning—**** that human being is not longer sucking up our Mother Earth resources.S/he is nicely handled in the Domain Hell***

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