AAF.com : $80,150 dollar sale a no-go; #DropCatch relists domain

AAF.com is the youngest three letter .com domain in the world; its drop and subsequent auction on DropCatch led to a winning bid of $80,150 dollars.

Apparently, as it usually happens these days with such premium LLL .com domains, the auction’s winner did not come up with the funds.

DropCatch is now relisting AAF.com on its platform, hopefully after banning the deadbeat account.

The auction is now at $35,017 dollars and several bidders, with 3 days to go.

In our opinion, DropCatch should require the pre-qualification of bidding for any amount higher than $10,000 dollars, just like Sedo does.

Update 1/29/2021: AAF.com ended at $45,050 dollars. DropCatch user “habana” is the winner.

AAF.com relisted on DropCatch

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2 Responses to “AAF.com : $80,150 dollar sale a no-go; #DropCatch relists domain”
  1. burt says:

    I remember when they caught 3999.com and immediately put it up for auction at namejet. The same thing needs to happen here or they need to hold it in their stash until a legitimate buyer comes along.

  2. DomainGang says:

    Update: AAF.com ended at $45,050 dollars. DropCatch user “habana” is the winner.

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