: Looks like the $50,000 dollar #Sedo auction went through, but not really

The registrant of the domain took a risk last month, sending a $50,000 dollar offer for the domain to a week-long auction at Sedo.

The auction ended with no further bids, and the expected outcome is for the sole bidder – who made the $50k offer – to pay for the domain.

Typically, Sedo takes over and the domain is moved to Sedo escrow; instead, the domain is currently in “pending transfer” status.

This could be due to a customized transfer where the buyer’s funds clear early on, and the domain is moved out to the registrar of their choice; then again, is still listed at Sedo and now the asking price has been increased to $200,000 dollars.

If this transaction completes, it’d be the 4th highest .io sale ever reported (per NameBio) after,, and

Dot .io is a controversial ccTLD that has been embraced by start-ups due to its input/output tech reference.

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