ABC madness continues : Dot .MX domain sold for five figures!

abc-mexico has been sold for 5 figures.

The domain name, the ccTLD for Mexico, was sold last week; its previous owner marveled at the price, believing at the time that it’s a Mexican company.

As Google acquired ABC.XYZ from the dot .XYZ Registry to use for its Alphabet project, everything points in that direction; Google also acquired the domains Alphabet.XYZ and ABC.Global.

The current WHOIS for the domain is showing the usual DNStination Inc. info; an affiliate of brand protection company Mark Monitor.

According to the seller of, the domain was sold for $17,700 dollars on Sedo. He acquired it for just $799.99 in 2009.

Looks as if Google is not yet done acquiring domain names for its Alphabet, Inc. project!

For more information on the sale of, click here.

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2 Responses to “ABC madness continues : Dot .MX domain sold for five figures!”
  1. Donny says:

    What does this mean will I tell yah what it means vs, ahh no one thought of this.
    They better send in the wolf. You sending the wolf shi$ that’s all you had to say #$%#$%
    Could this mean someone is going to buy,

  2. I just have seen that the Domain has also been sold for 15.000 USD in a private deal.
    In the WHOIS MarkMonitor is the ADMIN contact is in the hands of a important Spnaish Newspaper.

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