Above reveals first batch of free domains to be given away at Webfest Global

Yesterday, Above.com announced that it will be giving away 400 accounts with 10 domains each – for free – to 400 attendees at Webfest Global.

These 4,000 domains are registered with Above.com and are being monetized on the Domain Investor Platform, combining ad networks Rook Media and ParkingCrew.

Today, Above.com announced the first batch of these domain accounts, containing an exciting group of domain names – some of which we are presenting below:

Domain account #44:

  1. BananaPeelMachine.com
  2. FestiveSolutionsGalore.net
  3. WhyImarriedYourMother.com
  4. KimKardashiansButt.org
  5. FeeFiFofum.net
  6. PleaseGodLetMeLive.com
  7. DudeWhereIsMyDomain.com
  8. SpecialForcesMens.com
  9. RabidHamster.net
  10. F***ingDomainers.com

David Warmuz, Above.com’s President said:

“It’s hard to find quality domains these days, and while some domainers such as Rick Schwartz might argue that the domain accounts contain pigeonsh*t, here at Above.com we strive to simplify the process and help customers maximize their revenue and domain sales opportunities!”

The domain accounts will be randomly allocated to the first 400 participants at Webfest; provided that there will be that many. The keynote speech will be delivered by Kim Kardashian, who recently applied for her own gTLD, .daButt.



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9 Responses to “Above reveals first batch of free domains to be given away at Webfest Global”
  1. RaTHeaD says:

    this post was not funny… if it wasn’t for the picture of kim kardashian i would regret having even bothered to come here today.

  2. Tony says:

    Cant wait for domain account 45!!

  3. DomainGang says:

    RaTHeaD – You are correct, this isn’t a funny post, it’s a very serious one. I bet you really want RabidHamster.net.

    Tony – We have seen accounts 1-44 so far and they are spectacular!

  4. DigiNames says:

    Although the humor level of this post is being debated, I did find the domain name F***ingDomainers.com pretty funny. A quick whois search shows it is available to register. So I want to know, who is going to snag it? The development opportunities are endless, and I really hope to see this as a flourishing website in the near future.

  5. DomainGang says:

    DigiNames – We offer refunds on the full amount you paid to read this article! 😀 If you don’t laugh, you don’t pay, that’s a promise.

  6. David Warmuz says:

    I believe I have been quoted out of context here 😉
    Despite the humorous side, Above .com is indeed giving away 4,000 domains ramdomly selected from the daily drops based on traffic metrics, many of which are making parking revenues already.

  7. DomainGang says:

    David – No doubt about that, it’s a great promotion, no doubt! 😀

  8. Mik Cardashing says:

    I think KK can relate to porking moreso than parking … However, could have done both simultaneosly….just a Guess

  9. jayjay says:

    F***ingDomainers.com 😈 :mrgreen:

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