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Actors and UDRP : Stamos, Cusack, Downey Jr. – Where are their domains now?


Famous actors often become targets of cybersquatting; the unscrupulous registration of their full names for monetary reasons.

Some Hollywood actors fail to register or maintain ownership of their full name as a domain, primarily .com, and someone else does.

Upon realization of this, many go after the domain owners, by filing a UDRP against the domain.

In recent months, John Stamos, John Cusack, and Robert Downey Jr. have utilized the UDRP process, winning their domains.

We went back to check what they have done with them, and here are the results.

John Stamos, of Full House fame, captured JohnStamos.com. The domain now points to his personal web site.

Very nice, uncle Jesse! 😀

Meanwhile, John Cusack put less effort into this; after capturing JohnCusack.com, he pointed it to his Twitter account, where he is very active.

Lastly, Robert Downey Jr. didn’t do anything with the domain RobertDowneyJR.actor that he captured in a UDRP; the domain does not resolve, currently.

There are numerous other UDRP cases involving actors, or celebrities, and most domains get awarded to them. What they do with their domains eventually, is another story.


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