: Former Rick Latona #domain gem has been sold

Does anyone remember the golden era of domain minisite craze?

Rick Latona launched more than a decade ago, offering minisite design packages. It was meant to be a turn-key solution, aimed at lazy domainers with no skills of their own, on a tight budget.

Alas, the minisite craze ended around the time WordPress launched as a CMS platform, and Rick Latona’s project called it quits just a year later, citing little interest from domainers.

And now, that aged domain with history was acquired by Francois of! 😀 The domain became part of the GoDaddy inventory at Namefind LLC and Francois seized on the opportunity.

The seasoned entrepreneur is selling on his Catchy platform, seeking $300k USD at a minimum. Perhaps there is a buyer in place already, AEIOU Health Care.

What an amazing story for this 1995 domain!

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  1. tommy butler says:

    Congrats on the domain

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