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Aftermarket : Sedo introduces “edible domains” platform

Sedo is about to take the domain investment world by storm, introducing its new “Edible Domains” initiative.

The Sedo Edible Domains project is designed for those investors that often regret their investments within hours.

“Many domainers would rather have spent their $9-$10 dollars on lunch, instead of a rather crappy .com, and we’re here to help,” said Marcus Schweinshaxe of Sedo, who manages the German programming team in Cologne.

“With our program, you can list your domain name, in exchange for a tasty dish prepared by the buyer; Sedo’s commission is zero,” added Schweinshaxe.

The Edible Domains platform on Sedo will bring healthy, nutritious food to the table of thousands of malnourished domainers around the world. Millions of .com, .net and .org domains will be exchanged for a nice, warm meal.

“It’s another great project conceived by Sedo during our corporate Carnival party,” said Marcus Schweinshaxe, adding: “Personally, I prefer a serving of tasty rouladen instead of a crappy .net!”

To participate in the new Edible Domains initiative, click here to visit Sedo.com.

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