Aged #domain lost in auction, case involves K-Systems and #GoDaddy

A bizarre situation involving a 1999 domain,, is unfolding over at DNForum.

The owner of the domain, paid for its renewal via PayPal, and the domain registrar, K-Systems, initially claimed that the domain was “deleted.” did not drop, however, and current information shows that it was auctioned off at GoDaddy and was acquired by a third party.

In the process of finding out what happened, the owner at loss of was told by K-Systems to “buy back the domain” from GoDaddy and they’d refund his $69 dollar inquiry fee. But that’s the price GoDaddy charges to initiate a private communication with the current registrant – not a sales price.

The current registrant asserts they bought at a GoDaddy auction, and provides no additional information. There is no recorded sale of the domain at Namebio.

There has been no response by GoDaddy regarding when that auction occurred and how was the domain handed over to them by K-Systems. The previous registrar, K-Systems, is not answering any important questions, according to the owner at loss, and instead advises them to file a UDRP.

For the full exchange on this bizarre case, visit

Domain vanished. Photo by NeONBRAND on Unsplash.

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