Aged web sites arrive at the Flippa market in droves!

Flippa is turning 6 soon. is aged, 6 years old.

If you love ultra-aged domain names as we do, Flippa is the domain aftermarket of choice, currently.

Generally speaking, aged domains are those registered at least 10 years ago, and when they come with an active web site – preferably, generating money – so much the better.

Flippa announced a select few aged web sites that meet their high standards, and from that list we picked a few to showcase here:

  • – This is a 15 year old domain (registration: 2000). If you spend a lot of time playing adventure games, this is one massive category-defining domain for the numerous fans of the genre. According to the description, it’s a video game forum and news site with over 19,200 registered users, 780+ keywords ranking top 20 in Google, and 157,000+ backlinks from sources such as Wired, Examiner, & Huffington Post. The site is currently generating over 650,000 monthly pageviews!
  • – Registered in 1998, this 17 year old domain wants to teach the English language to the masses. That would make George W. Bush, who said “Is our childrens learning?” happy. According to the sales pitch, it has a massive 200+ .EDU backlinks, over 97,000 Page Views/mo (36% Direct, 33% Organic Search), and $364/mo in verified AdSense revenue.
  • – If polls are your thing, this is a 17 year old domain (registration: 1998) exceeding 1.9 million Page Views/mo with $349/mo in verified AdSense revenue. The Donald is leading the Republican polls but will he deliver? Take a poll on that.

There are plenty more – aged or not – web sites for sale at Flippa at the moment, and you can view a good “Editor’s Choice” selection right here.


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