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Ajax Dremel: They did not reserve my .CEO domain name!

Ajax Dremel, CEO.

Ajax Dremel, CEO.

Ajax Dremel does not mince his words about the ensuing gTLD chaos.

The highly successful domain investor with Christian ethics and a very buxom wife, spends most of his time between Atlanta, Georgia and London, UK.

Ajax Dremel’s book “The Secret of my Domain Success” is on the all-time classic list of both Amazon and Barnes & Noble tech publications from Georgia, and it has been reprinted 14 times.

“When it comes to domain investing, nobody is more qualified to talk smack about those who attempt to re-invent the Internet and how things work,” says Ajax Dremel.

“Those f***ers are making it harder for me to deliver my message and present my domain courses, based on my established relationship with Verisign and .com – now I have to rewrite things,” adds Dremel, his clenched fist hitting the mahogany desk for emphasis.


But what exactly is Ajax Dremel all upset about?

“You know, I’m all for openness and transparency and shit, but I wasn’t invited to have my dot .CEO domain reserved as a profile. They invited Monte Cahn, at MonteCahn.CEO so why not me? Me and Monte are buddies since high school!” says Ajax Dremel.

Ego-trip tantrums by domainers are not uncommon in the domain industry, particularly by parachutists that mostly delve in retail or hospitality services; but Ajax Dremel is a domain professional with two decades of experience in domain transactions under his belt, and presenter of a special domain training course.

Apparently, Ajax Dremel isn’t going to let go so fast:

“Not reserving AjaxDremel.CEO for me was quite the insult, and I just might have to exclude dot .CEO from my upcoming book, ‘Asshole CEOs of America’, quite possibly,” adds Ajax Dremel, putting out his Cuban cigar.

There was no response from the dot .CEO registry as they should not really be concerned; after a successful launch in March, the dot .CEO domain numbers are looking quite healthy.

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