Ajax Dremel: The secret of my Domain Success

Ajax Dremel, CEO.

Ajax Dremel, CEO.

Ajax Dremel does not need a long introduction: the successful domainer boss, devoted Christian husband and father of two from Atlanta, Georgia, makes domaining headlines every other week.

“It was shocking at first, to see my name on DNJournal. The second time around, I smiled. From then on, it’s a blur!” says Dremel about his domain sales featured on the de facto leader of domaining publications.

Time and again, Ajax Dremel has managed to turn a domain that seems to be worth a couple of hundred at the most, into a sale worth tens of thousands of dollars. He does that with every domain he acquires or hand-registers.

How does Ajax Dremel achieve such exceptional domain sales, as soon as domain inquiries come in?

“It’s fairly easy, I give my buyers a price quote that I pull straight out of my ass!” exclaims Dremel. “Unless they make an upfront offer, which I then decline with a counter-offer of at least ten times that amount, when it’s a minimum of $1,000” adds Dremel.

Regarding lowball offers, Ajax Dremel takes no prisoners; his technique is to humiliate such offer makers, until they feel guilty and surrender their wallets.

“Some might think I’m not polite, that I’m just being a dick,” says Ajax Dremel. “But that’s not true, I’m simply being efficient in my sales pitch. I tell lowballers to come back when they have grown some hair on their testicles, or when their wallets can hold more than one credit card plus a wrinkled condom,” adds Dremel with his trademark smirk.

Domain success often comes at a price: some established domainers don’t like Ajax Dremel, and are asking Ron Jackson of DNJournal to stop posting Ajax’s successful sales.

“They are jealous, so what?” asks Dremel, chewing on a matchstick. “Poor domainer babies, as far as I know, I’m the one driving a Porsche, not them. So stop your whining, every single domain sale I make goes exclusively to DNJournal.” adds Dremel with emphatic determination.

To learn more about the amazing feats regarding domain sales by Ajax Dremel, head over to DNJournal.com.


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3 Responses to “Ajax Dremel: The secret of my Domain Success”
  1. RaTHeaD says:

    i have used the dremel and it’s amazing. how did he ever think up five tools in one. and for clean-up afterwards nothing beats ajax. after a storied career like that domaining is surely a snap.

  2. DomainGang says:

    RaTHeaD – The Dremel family produces geniuses. No wonder he was named Ajax, after the Greek hero who slaughtered many a Trojan warrior; surely a massive domainer of his time.

  3. Bastian says:

    Have not been able to find any information on Mr. Dremel’s course, book or company.

    Please advise.

    Thank you!

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