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Alert: Convicted felon Starlita Similien aka Andrea Jamie DeLuca released from county jail


“Andrea J. DeLuca” on the right, with former girlfriend Corie Mishler.

Convicted felon Starlita ‘Patrice’ Similien was released from jail yesterday, after the court sentenced her to a fine and time served for the violation of her probation terms.

The story so far:

After spending six weeks in the Pensacola, FL county jail for impersonating an attorney and receiving money to render professional services she’s not qualified for, Starlita Similien – using the alias of Andrea Jamie DeLuca – was sentenced to 48 months of probation and community service. She was also ordered to not have any contact with her victims.

Just two days later, Starlita Similien violated the terms of her probation, by using a stolen credit card to pay for a service. She was promptly re-arrested and spent an additional seven weeks in county jail.

On October 24th, the court decided to sentence her to a fine and to re-impose the original terms of her probation. You can read the entire case particulars at the public records repository about Andrea J. DeLuca – her alias.

What that means for all domainers and other professionals: Starlita Similien, either in person or using the alias Andrea Jamie DeLuca, or using any other alias of either gender, is capable of engaging in the same type of short term or long term fraudulent activity.

She is known to approach service providers, developers, small hosting companies via community forums or on Facebook. An example is Rebuilding Your Credit, where she pretends to be a qualified credit restoration professional. She also operates IRebuildCredit.com, a web site with the following WHOIS information prior to its current masked status:

IRebuild Credit
Fax: +1.5555555555
231 E Beach Dr
Panama City, Fl 32405

On LinkedIn, the social network for professionals, Starlita Similien is posing as a male, Andy DeLuca, at the url http://linkedin.com/in/rebuildcredit – There are 108 connections to that account, including domain industry professionals such as Mike Mann, Ammar Kubba and others. That’s why it’s important to not add people you don’t know.

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19 Responses to “Alert: Convicted felon Starlita Similien aka Andrea Jamie DeLuca released from county jail”
  1. Tony says:

    That little bitch owes me 2 grand from a while back. A lot of people are looking for her ass, trust me she will be holy as Madonna for a week and then back to scamming. But karma follows one around, you know what I’m saying?

  2. devils advocate says:

    Maybe there is more to the story. Someone should find her email and get her side. I know some pretty deep info and know that in every drama, there are two sides to a story.
    Also calling people outside their name shows real professionalism. (insert sarcasm)

    Drama, they claim to want nothing of it but flock to it.

  3. DomainGang says:

    devils advocate – There are indeed two sides to that story: a felony and a misdemeanor.

  4. devils advocate says:

    According to the info regarding the outcome of the case, the felony was dropped to a misdemeanor.

    You should get your facts straight.

    She plead out to two misdemeanors.

    I would be interested in hearing what she has to say about all of this.

    Still out of jail, which is good for her.

    Hopefully she learns and starts doing things the positive way.

    Gets in a good group of people and does something positive.


  5. DomainGang says:

    So, “Dave”, what’s the interest? I know you came here after you Googled “Andrea Deluca”, so who are you really?

    Let me guess: Starlita Similien under yet another alias. You never learn from all this jail time, so I guess more time behind bars will be in your future. There are numerous people you scammed, itching for the next opportunity to have their cases heard by a judge.

    Your own aunt called the cops in Pensacola begging them to keep you in jail, that says a lot.

    Stay off the Internet, go work the fields picking grapes or something.

  6. Larry says:

    Thanks for posting this info. My buddy and I were scammed by this sweet talking monster, for almost 3 thousand. The police did nothing, because she was out of state. When she came back to Florida, we had no idea she was arrested until we saw this page https://www.facebook.com/notes/frank-mckeithen-bay-county-sheriff/andrea-deluca-located-and-arrested/10150969495892983 and read the comments. Where can we find where she is? I will gladly pay a lawyer to see her behind bars for a long time!!

  7. Austin says:

    I had a run-in with this lunatic in TX back in the summer of 2008 when she posed as a landlord and rented me a house that was being foreclosed (it was actually her ex-girlfriend’s house who was at the time living with her parents in another part of town). She stole my macbook pro and ps3 when I was at work. I confronted her and she denied it. The police didn’t help. She was in the Seattle area within a few days. I’m pretty sure I was her last victim in TX unless she scammed somebody at the airport on her way out.

  8. Oh Yeah! says:

    Man i’m in Pensacola and i’m going to get revenge for my fellow Blackhatters!

  9. A. DeLuca says:

    I actually found this site when the d**k head host decided not to let me have my site back so that I could sell it to pay restitution. Also following some of the comments.

    I didn’t pretend to be a credit specialist, I have first hand knowledge in fixing my own credit. I also was working with a company to give them leads to those who didn’t want to do it themselves.

    Let’s get a few things straight.. Oh wait, to the guy above-mentioned. Come on at me, Bro. You have no idea who I am and what could happen so for you to make threats for attention is stupid.

    1. I have a lisp. I was born with a bi lateral cleft palate. Does that mean I’m stupid or mentally retarded? No, it means my father was a military man and was exposed toa chemical they used in Vietnam called Agent Orange. Look it up, might educate you. Some of the comments from those I had talked to at great lengths saddened me that you are willing to judge me when I explained the way I sounded. I’m comforted by this saying, “Judging a person doesn’t define who they are but who you are.”
    2. My ears are not deformed. They are small. Another classic tell tale sign of this wonderful chemical.
    3. I’m book smart, socially, eh.. I could do better. I get nervous, I make stupid cracks.
    4. Now all these people claiming to be ripped off or scammed, seriously? Can’t get attention from the husband/wife/boyfriend or girlfriend?? Have to seek it out here?
    I know who I owe money to. Most of these posts hold no barings except to make fun of me. I’m the master of that. In my words with friends screen name, its T-rex2 (it was, some friends thought I was demeaning myself so I changed it) to be honest, all these claims if they held any merit would have gotten me a lot of jail time. A lot! Bay County doesn’t play.
    If you want to follow my weird ways or get status updates to those I’m paying back. You should follow me on Twitter. @jamiedemar
    I have no reason to lie or scam. The time I spent in Bay County Jail. Did enough for me. 1 of 2 victims have been paid back.
    My online investors and the VA who helped me with my DIY site regarding credit repair are also in the works of being paid back as well.
    Austin, the house belonged to us. I have no idea what happened to your stuff. I know I didn’t take anything because I didn’t have a key and I quite frankly didn’t like going back to the house.
    So, if people want to claim scam, trust me on this. I’d been more punished.
    Paul Vecker and I had rounds.
    I’m not Dave, or devils advocate. He is right. In my first case, I pled out to 2 grand theft charges and misrepresentation of lawyer. My second was a misdemeanor regarding a bank account Corie and I shared. She evidently took my name off the account and closed it. I should have known better but per my discovery, I was hopeful that account was still intact. I’m just Andrea who is in the process of actually changing my name because having a speech problem and your name has S’s is difficult.
    I am sorry, genuinely to those who got caught in the cross fire. I.was testing an application that was helping me with CPA and trying a few different platforms. It was making a lot of money. The first round of people were paid so I thought to scale it higher and I wanted the development to go faster so I brought others in.
    I don’t have a computer now, I actually have nothing but the grace of god. I’m couch surfing while I work to save some money to get back where I can comfortably and pay back my debts.
    I put out there before if you had been with me, then you are free to email. I know who I had money from.
    If the irebuildcredit site hadn’t been redirected and the host hadn’t held it hostage from the buyer and I. Who knows what would have happened. I just know I take responsibility and I’ll do whatever I can to rectify the situation.
    A learning experience which I’ll not ever forget. I don’t need to hide anymore. I don’t need to rob peter to pay Paul. I have support around me and I’ll rise above this.

    Andrea DeLuca

  10. Entertain Me says:

    Pulease pass the popcorn. This feels like the start of a CSI Investigation TV show. In the next scene, they find Andrea’s dead body in a 55 gallon drum, at the bottom of a lake. I can’t wait for the autopsy scene, where they make the “Y” incision, expose her guts and tell us all exactly how she died, how many stab wounds, what organs were penetrated, etc… Now where’s my vaseline…..

  11. The Prod says:

    patty will be having a grand old time now back inside
    this turkey will be getting stuffed in every orifice this xmas

  12. wowwowwow says:


  13. Hector Ramirez says:

    Star, you’ve been a con artist for so long, I wonder if you believe your own BS? Amazing how your years and years of scams all over the country are all just innocent misunderstandings. “Oops, I took your money, but one day I’ll make it right!” You’re just a poor, handicapped soul who got in over her head (cue the violins). Maybe stealing from people is your way at getting back at a world that’s been so cruel and unfair to you? You can change your name– and why bother when you’ve got dozens of perfectly good aliases?–but you won’t stop conning people and stealing from innocent people anytime soon.

  14. DomainGang says:

    Hector Ramirez – Please feel free to share any information here that’d be of assistance to the authorities or others that have been scammed by Starlita Similien, aka Andrea J. Deluca. Thanks.

  15. She is currently incarcerated at Homestead Correctional Institute in south Florida. She is also still doing legal work for people, not sure if she is hustling them or actually helping them. If I find she isn’t helping people I will post here and let everyone know.

  16. Tammy says:

    beware of this girl she’s a scam artist
    she will take you for every dime you have she’s
    going back to jail they been looking for her

  17. James buskirk says:

    my name. is James n I just want this girl. or guy back. in prison she just scammed my girl n went in to her bank account n took over 7000 through mobile web transforms she is no good n she will go back to prison I. will make sure of that she told my girl she was a lawyer n a VIP I knew what she was about the whole time I like to hear from some one else on this no good piece of shit thanks

  18. Ali says:

    This woman messaged me on tinder… her game may have changed. Be carful friends.

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