Alert: Convicted felon Starlita Similien aka Andrea Jamie DeLuca released from county jail

“Andrea J. DeLuca” on the right, with former girlfriend Corie Mishler.

Convicted felon Starlita ‘Patrice’ Similien was released from jail yesterday, after the court sentenced her to a fine and time served for the violation of her probation terms.

The story so far:

After spending six weeks in the Pensacola, FL county jail for impersonating an attorney and receiving money to render professional services she’s not qualified for, Starlita Similien – using the alias of Andrea Jamie DeLuca – was sentenced to 48 months of probation and community service. She was also ordered to not have any contact with her victims.

Just two days later, Starlita Similien violated the terms of her probation, by using a stolen credit card to pay for a service. She was promptly re-arrested and spent an additional seven weeks in county jail.

On October 24th, the court decided to sentence her to a fine and to re-impose the original terms of her probation. You can read the entire case particulars at the public records repository about Andrea J. DeLuca – her alias.

What that means for all domainers and other professionals: Starlita Similien, either in person or using the alias Andrea Jamie DeLuca, or using any other alias of either gender, is capable of engaging in the same type of short term or long term fraudulent activity.

She is known to approach service providers, developers, small hosting companies via community forums or on Facebook. An example is Rebuilding Your Credit, where she pretends to be a qualified credit restoration professional. She also operates, a web site with the following WHOIS information prior to its current masked status:

IRebuild Credit
Fax: +1.5555555555
231 E Beach Dr
Panama City, Fl 32405

On LinkedIn, the social network for professionals, Starlita Similien is posing as a male, Andy DeLuca, at the url – There are 108 connections to that account, including domain industry professionals such as Mike Mann, Ammar Kubba and others. That’s why it’s important to not add people you don’t know.

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