Alert: is a stolen domain name

We were alerted by the owner of that the domain has been stolen.

The incident appears to have taken place last week, and the domain was first pushed to another GoDaddy account before being transferred out to Chinese domain registrar,

Ename is notorious as the destination registrar of choice for stolen domain names, as it rarely complies with legitimate reversal requests.

The owner of stated that dozens of his domains registered at GoDaddy were moved to a different account, but only was transferred out.

There was no confirmation when these domains changed account, according to the owner of

If you are approached to buy keep in mind that you will be acquiring stolen goods.

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2 Responses to “Alert: is a stolen domain name”
  1. AJ Alfieri-Crispin says:

    Our personal domain name was stolen April 5, 2015. We have owned since 1995. Twenty years. Within a window of 25 minutes our domain registration information was changed at Dreamhost/Enom and then transferred to Ename in China. Think of the implications for you if someone had full control of your email address!!! I would love it if it could become well known this domain is stolen, and that anyone looking to purchase the domain should understand they are buying stolen property.

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