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Ali Zandi drops 1500 domain names – guess the TLD!

Domain investor and broker, Ali Zandi, has taken investment risks before; he often shares his successes and failures as part of his commitment to transparency.

In a recent exchange on Twitter, Zandi stated he had just dropped more than 1500 domain names:

“The PURGE: 1500+ domains… #deleted. Feels good. Can you guess the TLD?”


More than 1500 domains, from a single TLD, the mind boggles.

The guesses about which TLD it was, poured in:

Was it .CC ? Nope.

Maybe .WS ? Nah.

Perhaps .CO ? Not really.

The correct answer was, .XYZ :

“Yup. 0.99$ deal alright & 1 premium. LLL.xyz started selling well, I picked up 1500+ CCC chips.. LE FLOP.”

And hereby lies the problem with “penny” domains and their promotions: they devalue the TLD or gTLD they represent.

While Ali Zandi can “eat” the loss, other domain investors eager to put all their eggs in the same basket might not be so lucky.

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8 Responses to “Ali Zandi drops 1500 domain names – guess the TLD!”
  1. Vincent says:

    Did he sell a single one of them? Out of do many, maybe h scored one or two?

  2. DomainGang says:

    Vincent – Not sure. At $0.99 a pop the selling margin would not be great if he had to toss 1500 of them.

  3. Jeff Manes says:

    He had more sweat equity with the registering of the 1,500 than cash.

  4. Ali Zandi says:

    To me, it was worth the small risk. LL, LLL chip .xyz’s were selling quite well at the time, so I picked up all the remaining CCC chip .xyz’s at $0.99 a pop. Even if they only went up to $20-$50 in value, it would have been a home run, if not, it was an incredibly small risk to take. I made a lot of profit on the bubble last year, especially with chips, I was free-rolling with the profits 😉

  5. DomainGang says:

    Ali – No worries, and thank you for sharing. I agree, the risk was small compared to other investments, but timing is key. The bubble has burst, alas.

  6. Vincent says:

    Ali, that was candy money for you. I would have done the same and more. Next time, when i see any dot going to $.01 i’m going to reg till my arms get sore.

  7. Ali Zandi says:

    @Vincent, haha! I’m sure I would have done better buying the actual candy!

  8. Steve says:

    I knew it was xyz. Good purge.

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