Alina Kabaeva: Putin’s secret girlfriend domain in the hands of #NameFind

Who the hell is Alina Kabaeva? According to reports from various news networks, it’s Vladimir Putin‘s secret girlfriend.

The Russian president was married until 2014 and apparently kept things “on the side.” Alina Kabaeva is a Russian politician, media manager and retired individual rhythmic gymnast.

As she’s directly connected to the most despised man in the world, Alina Kabaeva has now been sanctioned by the US.

Meanwhile, the matching domain name,, is operated by NameFind. The domain was registered in 2002, at a time when Alina Kabaeva was participating in gymnastic events at the Olympics (in 2000 and 2004.)

The domain changed hands in 2016, potentially through a portfolio acquisition by GoDaddy, as it moved to NameFind, the controlling entity of GoDaddy-owned domain names.

It’s currently for sale on Afternic where one can spend $2,499 dollars to buy it outright, or make an offer of at least $1,624 dollars.

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