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All #GoDaddy registered #domain names are safe from the #Coronavirus

Fresh from a data inspection of its entire domain inventory under management, GoDaddy announced its safety report against the Covid19 coronavirus.

The largest domain registrar in the world scanned about 75 million domains and delivered the report today.

“We are 100% in compliance with the CDC regulations regarding the handling of domain assets by our employees on behalf of domain registrants,” said Dick Schwab, general inventory manager at GoDaddy.

“Millions of domains are perfectly stored in hygienic conditions meeting or exceeding the sanitary standards, providing domain owners with peace of mind. The Coronavirus is not touching GoDaddy storage facilities, its employees are well trained and know how to wash their hands and other body parts,” added Dick Schwab, wearing an N95 standard mask at the teleconference.

GoDaddy has also sanitized with UV radiation the entire Frank Schilling portfolio, a premium portion of the NameFind cache of 1,000,000 domains. Frank Schilling’s former domains are now immune to any virus of the corona family, as they are blasted with UV rays every 60 seconds around the clock.

Dick Schwab said: “Our customers are loyal and know that it’s not just the GoDaddy socks that when worn, protect your feet from a large number of pests – your domains are safe and in many cases might outlive you. I know it sounds grim but we’re proud of our domain protection vaults here in Phoenix!”

GoDaddy is a Covid19-Free Registrar – Photo by CDC on Unsplash

Bottom line: If you have a sore throat, or you’re out of breath, there is no need to worry as your domains are perfectly safe at GoDaddy. Drink plenty of fluids and watch Netflix shows such as Breaking Bad and The Walking Dead on repeat.

Or watch this video on new guidelines regarding physical proximity to other domainers – wash your hands!

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One Response to “All #GoDaddy registered #domain names are safe from the #Coronavirus”
  1. BullS says:

    I even washed my domains with bleach ,then rinsed off with super hot volcanic water.
    Kill the damn virus

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