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Alligators.com : The early domainer catches the proverbial worm

George Verdugo is the new 'Trivago guy'

George Verdugo as the new ‘Trivago guy’

Domain investor, George Verdugo, is always busy; his real estate business, Casas Baratas keeps him occupied with the world of house flipping.

With EastLA.com, Verdugo has built a 5,000-strong online community that delivers news and happenings to the Hispanic community of Los Angeles.

His out-of-this-world project, VisitSpace.com, is awaiting the right moment for the launch of commercial space flights that will revolutionize travel.

Verdugo often partners with Canadian domain investor, Adam Dicker, on domain acquisitions and he often searches the listings at Domain Name Forum for good deals.

It was during one such recent “scan” of domain listings that Verdugo spotted the domain Alligators.com.

The price was right, and George seized the opportunity to get the name for its asking price of five figures.

“When I see such great deals, I have to catch them fast; there’s no point in arguing over a few hundred bucks,” says Verdugo.

“Animal domains are extremely rare in the aftermarket, and the price was very attractive. I got the domain at the BIN!” adds Verdugo, sounding very excited.

Such generic animal domains retain a long-term value as brands, and can be used to form start-ups, all while displaying information about the animal they represent. Adam Dicker co-owns Rams.com with George Verdugo.

Verdugo advises domain investors to check out DNForum daily, as that’s where a lot of great deals in quality domains can be found.

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