Alpha Ledger .com : An $114 dollar #domain purchase turned into $5,000 bucks in 2 months

High as a kite: Logan Flatt.

Domain investor Logan Flatt continues to impress with his string of sales at the Uniregistry Market – Logan lists most of his domain names with a BIN price.

The latest sale involves the domain – an obvious cryptocurrency domain.

Logan acquired for just $114 dollars less than 2 months ago!

The sale was for $5,000 dollars via the Uniregistry Market – now called the Uni Market. 😉 The domain was allowed to drop by its previous owners, and was auctioned off at DropCatch.

Logan Flatt explains:

Cryptocurrency hedge fund fails, drops domain name, allowing my company, Media Code, LLC, to pay $114 for on October 28, 2018.

We sold it today for $5,000 to a start up “democratizing bond issuance” at They approached us. Clearly, a great upgrade for them.

Turning $114 into $5,000 in 2 months is an amazing feat. Isn’t domain investing great?

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One Response to “Alpha Ledger .com : An $114 dollar #domain purchase turned into $5,000 bucks in 2 months”
  1. Mike Sallese says:

    Nice quick sale! Blockchain names still getting lots of inquiries- even in a down crypto market!

    Congrats Logan.


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